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Blest by God Siberian Cats

Imported from Voronezh, Russia 

The Blest by God family of cats come from Russia, bred by the same cattery which includes a small network of Russian breeders.  There is a nice color range represented by the three girls, and Caleb introduces the striking ice-white, such that kittens are possible in a variety of natural colors and combinations.  PKD - Negative through parentage

Take a look at the history of these distinguished and magnificent cats


Caleb's parents are International Champions
Caleb looks much like his father,
and he has a sweet nurturing nature. 


    Sire:  World Champion Boyarin Manchzhury
Sire:  Champion Cassian Crown of Siberia
Dam:  Grand International Champion
Duymovochka Manchzhury
Dam:  Grand International Champion
Honey Dee Shahdan
Sire:  Irtysh Zaimka 
Dam:  Eqi Rys od 


Noa's parents are Champions too, 
and she has the pretty and expressive face of her mother, 
yet has the black and silver coloring of her father

       Sire:  Grand International Champion
Vladika Manchzhury
Sire:  Champion Charlston
Dam:  Grand International Champion
Duymovochka Manchzhury
Dam:  Champion Zhivitsa Manchzhury
Sire:  European Champion Zhemchug Manchzhury
Dam:  Champion Zaglyada Manchzhury


Tirzah has the coloring and the lovely tail of her mother, 
and a sweet expression like her father.

    Sire:  Zhenih Zavidniy Manchzhury
Sire:  International Champion 
Pereslav Sladkoe Pyatnyshko
Dam:  European Champion Vasilisa 
Dam:  Horoshka Syberia
Sire:  Champion Imbir' Syberia
Dam:  International Champion
Zvenislava Syberia




Milcah comes from Champion parents, 
and has the beautiful gold coloring of her mother, 
and the fluffyness of her father.

       Sire:  Junior Champion 
Zhguc Krasavets Manchzhury
Sire:  World Champion Vityaz' Manchzhury
Dam:  Champion Garmonia Manchzhu
Dam:  Grand International Champion Afrodita Manchzhury
Sire:  World Champion Lazar' Dosoyanie Sibiri
Dam:  Zhikharka Manchzhury




    Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                          Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
Contact:  206-793-7117



Blessed for generations with beauty and poise.