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Blest by God Siberian kittens in their new homes
Photos and testimonials from kitten owners!

Apricot - "Sibirochka"

Went to her new home in July 2019

"Thank you so much! We love our kitten!" 
---Natalia M., Snohomish, WA 



"She is so beautiful and her tail is just huge! We are really enjoying her. Very smart and polite cat.

She loves playing with the toy, she is bringing it back for you to throw. It's amazing!"

Butterfly - "Nimue"

Went to her new home in August 2019

"Nimue is doing really well, and we are just so incredibly in love with her! She still is so quick to purr and is so loving. She's gotten even more feisty now that she feels at home, and it is SO funny! My husband and I laugh so hard on a daily basis and she has already brought so so much joy into our lives."
"We talk all the time about how we can't believe how lucky we are to have her! And it's clear she is fond of us as well, as she always has to nap between both of us on the couch and cuddle with both of us before bed/when we come home/etc."

"Our kitten Nimue is the best little companion we could've ever asked for. She is incredibly sweet, funny, and well behaved (as much as a kitten can be)! 
It's clear she came from a loving environment and we loved working with Alea, who is very kind and helpful and obviously loves her cats very much. We are very happy with our experience and even more happy with our new cat!" 
---Kees W., Puyallup, WA


Went to her new home in August 2019

"Bacopa is great! Recently I discovered she loves to play fetch with a little ball toy she has (its her absolute favorite toy ever). She carries it around in her teeth everywhere and chases after it when I throw it. Then brings it back and drops it by my feet and waits for me to throw it again. 
Its the cutest thing!! 

She's full of fluff and soooo soft! 
My friends and family all adore her. 
And of course I love her so much. 
She's the best part of coming home." 
--- Haylee K., Prospect, KY 



Catalpa - "Yuri"

Went to his new home in September 2019

"Yuri is such a gem. We love him so much! 

His personality is the best we ever could have hoped for. He is incredibly affectionate and cuddly, always in the same room as we are and greeting us at the door when we come home."

"Hes playful and silly, absolutely loves laying in the sink and drinking from the faucet. So much so that he has started to expect well turn it on for him, he lays there waiting to drink. 

He is huge, close to 5 pounds already. Sometimes we forget hes a kitten! He spends most most of his time on his back and loves his belly rubbed, cant get enough of it. He has some gorgeous colors developing as well, lots of golden brown"

---Lauren V., Seattle, WA

When Yuri was a baby,
 he learned to lay in the sink,
because Momma laid there
to get a break from the 7 kittens!
(Baby Yuri is shown below, 
and then young Yuri, and a bit older Yuri)

Cestrum - "Poof Macaroni"

Went to his new home in November 2019

"Macaroni is simply the best cat in the world!  He is sweet, affectionate, silly, and a little bit sassy sometimes." 
"He is so great with our two children and extremely tolerant with our 15 month-old. Honestly, he completes our little family. We are so blessed to have this furry little guy. 

Thank you so much!" 

---Trisha Z., Portland, OR 

Darren & Darla - "Peanut & Maple"

Went to their new home together in January 2020

"Maple and Peanut are getting so big - they are starting to look like grown up cats!  They are still doing great and are so sweet with us and with each other." 
They love to play with toy mice, look out our big window, and take naps near/on people. 
We love them." 

---Lauren B., Kent, WA

Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                         Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
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What a blessing to have a special friend.