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  Caleb, as a kitten

All Siberian kittens are spoken for at this time.
Kezia is somewhat far along in her pregnancy, and there are a couple of princesses in early pregnancy.
The wait list is a bit long, but does not require a deposit to await a kitten.
Several litters of kittens can be expected in late May / June.
- Please email if you would like to be notified when kittens are born.


Available Kittens
If you are seeking a cat and have mild allergies...
If you are seeking a breed of cat that will not trigger mild allergies,
I also breed LaPerm cats, curly coated, very low shedding, with an inherent dog-like personality.
LaPerms are easily trainable, loving, and bond tightly with their owners.
LaPerms are considered hypoallergenic due to their low shedding coats, not their saliva content.

I have Laperm kittens available to reserve.
 LaPerms are light boned and agile, they are compliant, and just want to be near you.

Kittens:  http://www.lapermkitties.com

LaPerm pair and April litters:

Siberian Daddy and his babies - photos for fun

Caleb and his babies.
I put Crystal in the bed with the babies 
to take their pictures....

She jumped out and Caleb jumped in.
This gentle boy, loves babies.


"My daddy's foot is as big as my head!" 


Got milk?

All kittens are $1600 each.

Caleb loves kittens - and they love him.
Several have even tried to nurse from him - and he lets them cuddle and suck his belly fur for as long as they want.
Seeming not to mind that when they leave to go play, he's left with a slobbered-on tummy.


   Blest By God Siberian Cattery
Beautiful cats and kittens, prayed over and blessed.
                                          Raised in a quiet home, with tender care.

Seattle - Tacoma area
Contact:  206-793-7117


What tenderness there is in the blessing of a kitten.